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About Wilson Football

Head Coach - Keith Bennett

Assistant Head Coach / OC - Ryan Sederstrom

DC - Weston Groth

DB / RB - Greg Danese

DL / RB - Ulises Vargas

DL / OL - Robby Scharf

DB / WR - Michael Warren

LB / OL - Tyler Lively

LB / WR - Brian Heiken

Athletic Trainer - Waverly Jackson

Athletic Director - Michael Nolan

Athletic Assistant - Leanne Van Horn

Wilson High School

1151 SW Vermont Street

Portland, OR 97219

Founded: 1956

Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I sign up my child?

All the information you need is under the 'Wilson Athletics Registration' link on the left of this page.

* What if my child has little football experience?

No football experience is required to participate. All Wilson Students are welcome to join our team!

* Does Wilson have football tryouts or cuts?

Wilson Football does not conduct tryouts. Wilson Football does not have participation limits. In fact, larger participation numbers increase our players' experience, safety and opportunity to play by increasing the number of levels our program can compete in.

* Where can my child play football before HS?

Wilson Youth Football has Flag Football teams from K-4th grade. Tackle Football teams from 5th-8th grade. For more information, visit the Wilson Youth Football Website by clicking on the button located at the top of this page.

* Is Football Safe?

At Wilson, our player's safety, health and well being is of the utmost importance!! All coaches are certified and re-certified every year in multiple courses all designed for player safety. While football IS a contact sport and injuries can happen, we do all we can to minimize those outcomes. Tens of Millions of kids have participated in High School Football and have reaped the benefits of the teamwork, dedication, physical fitness and social confidence that football affords.

* How do I volunteer/sponsor Wilson Football?

High School Football Programs can be the cornerstone and foundation of the community. It truly takes a village. Volunteers and Sponsors are ALWAYS welcomed. You can contact us using the Contact Form on the left of this page.