Varsity Takes The Field

The 2017 Trojan Football Season has it's unofficial start with this Friday's (9/25) PIL Jamboree. The Trojans will have the chance to scrimmage with two other home town teams beginning at 4:30 in Madison High School's stadium. Offense will start on 40 yard line and each match-up will have 18 Offensive plays. Two games will be going simultaneously at each end of the field and all rounds start at same time.

Friday's weather promised to be sunny and warm - just perfect for an afternoon of football. Come on out and enjoy!

East End

4:30 PM Cleveland (W) vs Wilson (D)

5:00 PM Madison (D) vs Wilson (D)

5:30 PM Cleveland (W) vs Madison (D)

6:00 PM Benson (D) vs Grant (W)

6:30 PM Benson (D) vs Roosevelt (D)

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