State of the Union - 8/14

Coach KW’s Report:

We had a great first week of the official 2017 season. We finished with 56 players cleared on FamilyID and we know there are several more working to finish paperwork and physicals. All of our student-athletes are embracing the high standards of: Putting Others First, Giving Relentless Effort, and No B.C.D. which we know are hard for these “young men in progress” to live by. These behaviors will make them stand out wherever they go and at times people who are threatened will try and pull them down. As parents you can help the program by preparing your student-athlete for these difficult social interactions.

We appreciated your patience as we adjusted the daily schedule to make sure our players were able to maintain elite levels of focus and energy for every rep in every drill. Coaches felt our players made tremendous growth in understanding all the new schemes we are learning. It would be hard for us to overstate just how different what we are doing now is from the past...we promise there will be growing pains, many of which you will see on Friday and Monday nights. We also promise to be fair with your student-athlete and teach them in the manner that suits their learning style so we can continue to grow together.

Finally, we enjoyed spending some less structured time with our players at Multnomah Days. We were proud of how the Trojans were represented by the team in parade. For those of you that made it to the BBQ afterwards we enjoyed getting a chance to meet you and wish we could have spent more time with all the great parents we met. Please feel free to continue reaching out to communicate about your student-athlete or the program at large.

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