Wilson asks "Who You With?" It's time to get your gear on!

photo courtesy or Ed Deveraux, Sabot Images

Wilson has joined Nike's NFL "Who You With?" campaign. We've added a new line to our BSN online family of gear stores. You will find items that have been picked out specifically for our team. Plus there is also spirit wear available for your family and friends.

Don't forget to check out our two additional stores - the Wilson Trojan Gear Store and the Player Gear store. Cooler weather is coming and we want both our fans & our players to be as comfortable as possible. (Players are requested to wear only white gear that shows outside the uniform.) WHO YOU WITH - Shop Now: https://www.bsnteamsports.com/v3/shop/team_shop/WHOYOUWITH - Store Open From: September 8 - September 18, 2017


- Shop Now: https://www.bsnteamsports.com/v3/shop/team_shop/TROJANSEP2 - Store Open From: September 5 - September 18, 2017

TROJAN FAN GEAR - Shop Now: https://www.bsnteamsports.com/v3/shop/team_shop/TROJANSEP1 - Store Open From: August 29 - September 11, 2017

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