Coaches Report & Schedule - Week 2

It is hard to succinctly summarize all the challenges we faced leading into playing Lakeridge last week. I will never be happy after a loss, but I appreciated the support of our fans at the first home game of the season and our players proving once again that We March On no matter the conditions. While we may not always agree with officials I must agree with what our crew from Friday repeated on multiple occasions; “...boys are really playing hard, they have no quit in them. That’s a tough group.”

This coming week we face one of the most hyped teams in the PIL. Madison has a lot of highly regarded athletes and coming off 2 losses in the non-conference we will be sure to get their best effort. As a staff we are encouraged to get some players back from injury. We trust the combination of the game plan, a normal week of practice, and the opportunity to continue what we’ve been working on gives us an excellent chance to shock the league and start the conference season with an upset.

You will notice in the schedule this week our ends times have changed. This reflects two important factors. First, our desire to get into a rhythm with full school weeks that replicates what the best teams around the country do. Second, with school in full steam we anticipate our student-athletes will need some designated study time before practice. Please note the Saturday AM recovery practice is NOT considered optional.

  • Monday (Helmets & Shoulder Pads) done at 6:45pm

  • Tuesday (Full Suit) done at 6:45pm

  • Wednesday (Helmets only) done at 6pm

  • Thursday (Full Suit) done at 6:30pm

  • Friday Game Night

  • Saturday 8:45-10am (not optional)

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