G.R.I.T Players of the Week

  • Putting Others First - Jess Tindell & Jean Hinckley came to the players rescue and provided extra team dinners before the last two games. These two mothers consistently act as though every player on the team were their own son. These dinners are just one example of how hard they work to make sure our team is taken care of.

  • Relentless Effort - Donalyn Williams organizes our team dinners and woke up in the early hours to get brisket cooking for 12 hours. The dinners we do on Thursday are a vital part of the time we use to teach the players about GRIT and have them bond. They would not be possible without all of our parents who bring their own recipes to school for our players.

  • No B.C.D - Elena Miller. We could have just given this to the whole program for showing up on Friday night. However, that would overlook all the contributions Elena has made: building the new team website, leading the work on our media guide, and team photography to name a few. She works through a lot of constraints and deals with a lot of hurdles and always finds a way to make our program better.

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