State of the Union - Week 3

Coach KW's Report

The Madison game was the toughest loss of the season. Not because of the score, but because despite what could be seen by the naked eye, we were so close to getting the results we wanted on so many plays. The only real disappointment we felt as a team was how much we let the officiating get into our heads. Elite behavior requires us to give relentless effort no matter the circumstances. Madison’s athletes illustrated how quickly BCD can make a bad a situation worse. We will continue to teach and model Marching On when it feels like the deck is stacked against you.

Homecoming is here! This is an exciting time for our student-athletes. There is a heightened level of attention on the game and there are activities all week designed to make our team feel special. Obviously our student-athletes have worked hard for many months to make sure the night is one worth celebrating, we will need your help in A) making sure that all student-athletes at Wilson are honored this week, B) our alumni know much pride we take in continuing their legacy and C) we do not allow all the fun things happening toC distract us from the task at hand...playing our best game of the season.

We finally get to play a Futures (JV2) game this week. Monday 4pm at Madison HS. We are looking forward to watching our young players show off what they have learned. For consistencies sake we have schedule practice to end at 6:30pm each night. We will continue to include lifting/yoga twice a week along with study hall, and team dinner Thursday.

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