Youth Night 2017

I love youth night. I love the energy and excitement that the younger kids bring with them as they get to run out onto the field under the lights. I love the way the youth cheer squads have an extra bounce in their step as they go through their routines in front of the crowd. I love the wide eyes and huge smiles as the younger kids look up at their high school counterparts. Their enthusiasm is contagious. For our youngest youth players, that excitement began earlier in the day.

Wilson Youth Football begins introducing kids as young as K-2 to the gridiron through flag football, and Friday afternoon Wilson Flag Football met Wilson Varsity. The younger crew was a little intimidated at first, as the big boys asked to join their workout and one of older players was concerned that the kids weren't enjoying themselves. However, by the time the meet-up ended they were all smiles. I was told that the visit was "awesome" and "super cool." I also learned that our boys are "very, very big" One young man was bouncing with excitement: "He called me his buddy!"

While the younger and older players may never play together on the same team, both ends of the Wilson Program shared in the love of this sport. Who knows, perhaps one of the big guys will return and see his little buddy playing for Wilson in 2027!

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