State of the Union - 10/1/2017

Last week was another tough loss as injuries and illness took their toll during the week and the game. On the bright side John Henry Scott, who was taken off the field via ambulance as a precaution, was given good news by the doctors. I am uncomfortable sharing medical information, but JH as we call him, will be okay and back on the sidelines soon.

As we move into some games against the toughest opponents in the PIL we are continuing to work on developing habits of success and creating a culture that will help our young men now and in the future. We will continue to hold high standards for effort and focus at practice and in the classroom while placing a premium on accountability.

We have never been in a situation with such a high percentage of players hurt/sick as we were last week, so we had to modify our standards last week. However, there seemed to be confusion around how both PPS and football count practice attendance AND what happens when a player does not attend practice.

PPS Rule:

It is long, so to summarize,

Absences from school that are not prearranged mean your student-athlete cannot attend practice or participate in the next contest. If your student-athlete is excused for an illness, then they can attend practice, but not participate…(football would count this as an excused absence)

Wilson Football

Our staff considers an unexcused absence, we do not know where the player is/we did not give approval for the absence, as cause for sitting the first half of that week’s contest. Two such absences would result in forfeiting playing time for the whole game. An excused absence means the student-athlete will not start. This has not been real a issue, but we wanted to clarify with all the absences, injuries, and illnesses from last week and the beginning of cold and flu season arriving with the change in weather.

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