Today and Beyond

Photo by Craig Smith


Today was a bit odd and did not follow any of the plans we had started the day the with. In order to avoid confusion and complication I will do my best to succinctly and fully explain.

First, the JV2 team won against Roosevelt.

Prior to that the varsity staff met with the 17 varsity players who could attend practice today (several of them are still injured and could not have participated in drills). We discussed 3 topics:

  1. plan for active rehab and conditioning while injured/hurt to speed up return to play and preparedness once cleared to return.

  2. the state of our roster by grade level and health.

  3. asking them what they want from their last month of HS football in 2017. How do we keep it fun? How do we make it feel purposeful? How do make sure they and other potential players want to play next year?

After recording that feedback, we released the remaining Sophomore players to use their last quarter of eligibility from last week in tonight's contest. The juniors and seniors stayed to support their team mates until they needed to go home to manage homework and other responsibilities.

Questions about future games and how we balance the safety of our younger student-athletes with our desire to have our older players maximize this season still need answering. Once we know all the options available we will communicate that information.

We appreciate your patience during this difficult juncture in Wilson football. I cannot say for sure what path we will take, but I do know I love and trust the people we will be on the path with.

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