We're Looking for Leaders

Trojan Football is looking for student leaders for the upcoming season. If your player is interested in helping the program please have him complete the application below and return it to Coach KW no later than Tuesday, 11/14.

Leadership Application

  • Trojan Leaders are student-athletes in good academic standing.

  • Trojan Leaders are student-athletes who model Growth Mindset, Resilience, Integrity, and Team First in the classroom, hallways, community, and on the field.

  • Trojan Leaders are student-athletes who are vocal in holding teammates accountable for maintaining standards of Hit, Hustle, Execute at practice and on game days.

  1. Why do you want to be a Trojan Leader?

  2. What strengths do believe you possess that will make you an effective Trojan Leader?

  3. What areas of growth will you need training on to help you be a winning Trojan Leader?

  4. Provide one idea you have to foster team unity.

  5. Provide an idea to motivate our players to work harder in the off-season.

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