Trojan Tailgater Sign-ups!

Hello Wilson Trojan fans!

Please sign up for our very own Trojan Football Tailgater at Boundary Social Club.

Enjoy appetizers and beverages in a super cool venue while meeting new parents or just mingling with old friends.

WHEN: September 29, 2018 7pm-midnight

WHERE: Boundary Social Club 0126 SW Mitchell St. (at Corbett) Portland OR 97239

COST: $50 per person.

WHY: Proceeds benefit Wilson Football

Last day to sign up is Friday, May 4th. This party has 80 slots

The 2018 Wilson High School Online Auction has opened. You have until May 4th to make your bid, but everything is limited so don't miss out on the Football Tailgater Cocktail event! Go to the catalog now at:


Many spots left but little time left to purchase.

It's an exciting time to be a Trojan! Please say you'll join us!

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