Zero Period Strength & Conditioning Returns!

Dear Wilson Football Families,

After research of top programs and working with PPS structures we are eager to announce the re-launch of a zero period Strength and Conditioning class. The class will run from 7:00AM-7:50AM everyday. It is hard to succinctly describe the benefits of this class...I will try anyway.

  1. 2 great instructors and motivators for our student-athletes (Coach Olsen & Coach Schmidt) who will teach safe and proper technique while providing lessons on the value of hard work and full commitment

  2. student-athletes can earn credit for developing their bodies to peak performance levels

  3. no scheduling conflicts with academic courses

  4. time to shower and eat after starting their day with physical activity

  5. a time to lift with teammates so sweat equity is shared and trust is built

It is even more difficult to express via email how excited I am about what this means for the future of football at Wilson. Space in this class is limited and my hope is that all of our student-athletes will commit to this opportunity. We are having an information session this Wednesday at Tutor Time in the weight room please help us get your student-athlete there. Please email me at if you would prefer your student-athlete not be enrolled.

We March On,

Coach KW

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