2018 Summer Football Calendar


2018 Summer Football Calendar

May 30th - June 7th > MANDATORY Study Hall 3:45-4:30 and Practice 4:35-6:30

June 5th > Pushup-A-Thon Sheets Due - Pushups 3:45-4:30

June 8th & 9th > INVITE ONLY Seaside AirAttack - vans leave WHS @ 4pm. Lineman included.


June 10th - July 3rd EVERY Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 6pm. Players who are not on vacation and do not have a conflict with an athletic competition or work should be in attendance.

July 30th - August 9th EVERY Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am.

+ During the summer there are 27 “Athletic Development Opportunities”. Student-athletes with less than 15 days of development cannot participate in a contest until they have met this preparatory workload. This is a safety issue.

7on7 Opportunities >

June 28th @ Rex Putnam HS 6pm

July 3rd @ Madison HS 6pm

July 10th @ Mountainside HS 6pm

July 9th - 13th > Athletic Development & Pre-Camp Practice 6:00-8:00pm

***July 16th - 19th > Team Camp at Eastern Oregon Buses leave at 8am on the 16th

+ For safety and OSAA regulations players must have participated in a minimum of 4 pre-camp practices AND 8 Merits Lifts


August 13th - 17th > 9:30am-11:30am & 6:30pm-8:30pm Daily Double Practices

August 18th > Special Teams Showcase and Team Pictures - Kickoff BBQ

August 20th - 23rd > 7pm-9:30pm Pre-Season Practices

August 24 > PPS Jamboree TBD

August 25th > 9am-10:30am Recovery Practice

August 27th > First Day of school


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for entrusting our coaching staff with the care of your student-athlete. We have assembled a staff knowing the impact a positive role model can have. We found men who are committed to having a positive relationship with your student-athlete. Providing them with loving discipline is our foundational commitment.

The Wilson HS program has three simple standards: Be On Time, Be Uniform, and Be Respectful. Each of these can be applied in all aspects of life and require no particular talent - only persistent dedication.

ON TIME: as the world we live in changes being on time remains a basic standard that cannot hurt and may even provide an advantage. Because football is the ultimate team sport it is vital in our context that all players arrive to practices, games, meetings, etc. on time.

UNIFORM: as our world becomes more fractured spaces to define a unity of purpose and belief are of growing importance. Because football is the ultimate team sport it is vital that players wear what they are asked; in order to present a visually united front wherever we go in whatever we do.

RESPECT: a significant aspect of social media’s impact on the world is the lack of respect people pay towards one another. Because football is the ultimate team sport it is vital all our student-athletes treat: women, school staff, game officials, opponents, and each other with respect. Anything less reflects poorly on the rest of the team and the Wilson community.

Our staff is dedicated to teaching and holding your student-athlete capable and able of meeting these standards. We will not excuse any actions that are not in keeping with these standards and will work relentlessly to help your student-athlete build the habits of a champion.


Wilson Trojans Football Coaching Staff

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