LinePro Summer Camps

Greetings Linepro community! The 2018 Summer clinic schedule is FINALLY here! Thank you all for your patience, This Summer is a weird one with 4th of July in the middle of the week this year. We will make do and get as much work in as we can!

P.S. There was a slight time change for the Block Hunger Camp on Sunday, June 24th. It's been changed to 2-4 instead of 1-3. The later July/ early August stuff isn't clear enough to post yet, so we will publish more camps for that time frame very soon, and when I do I will send another email. For now, I just wanted to get what we have set in stone and sent out to you all! Click here to see the details! The clinics are divided by age and also position- so click on the desired link from the landing page to see all of the details. Now is also the time to get yourself set for private lessons! To get started on booking a private, just contact us using the phone or email below. Thank you! Sincerely, Coach Linny 503-853-3456

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