7/11 Practice Update

Wilson Football Families-

We are two days into an intensive 10 days and things are progressing well. Before we pass along reminders for Wednesday; we wanted to share a quote that helps illuminate our mindset.

"Glass half full or half empty? It does not matter. Just fill that thing up!" it creates imagery for, "WE MARCH ON". At all levels of our program - booster volunteers, parents, staff, and players - we will not waste energy worrying about our situation.

  • Officials make a call we disagree with? Fix it by doing your job on next play.

  • 40-50 football players at a school of 1500? Love them all and demand their best everyday.

  • Weather is hot? Literally fill up a glass of water and hydrate in advance


  1. It will be hot the next few days (especially as we wear more gear) please help us make sure your student-athlete hydrates at home (science says 1/2 our body weight in ounces each day)

  2. Freshman do not need to fill out the camp form - everyone else should sign and turn in ASAP.

  3. Gear for tomorrow > helmets, mouth-guards, shoulder pads & practice jersey


-- Wilson Football Staff

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