Last Minute Camp Reminders

Wilson Football Families-

As your student-athlete begins packing for EOU Team Camp we thought it would be good to send some details and reminders.

Please have your player dropped off at Wilson by 7:45am. The bus leaves at 8am and we need to check players in and cross check forms are complete and they have all essential equipment. Make sure they eat/bring breakfast, the next chance to eat won't be until 12:30.


  1. We may have the chance to go swimming, have your student-athlete bring a swimsuit.

  2. There will be plenty of water available at the field, but a water bottle for the dorms is probably a good idea.

  3. Some players would rather "tan/burn", but sunscreen should be packed.

  4. The rest of the checklist is attached.

  5. I am also attaching the camp form in case you have not signed it yet.

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