Wrapping Up Camp & Looking Ahead


We had a great Team Camp at EOU. The players had a blast with excursions to Safeway Monday night, Lake Morgan Tuesday mid-morning, and watching the first episode of Band of Brothers.

We also enjoyed on field success with a big win on "center stage" against a team that just went to semi-finals in Idaho and several other big wins in scrimmages and 7on7.

Overall we had a great camp. Our players bonded, we got better at football, we impressed opposing coaches and players and the EOU staff, and we showed our team has the opportunity for a competitive season this school year.

Finally, an update about the next few weeks. Next week 7/23 - 7/27 is OSAA Moratorium Week, which means no practice during that time. When we return to activities we will resume our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday lifting and conditioning sessions. However, we will switch to to mornings to help student-athletes begin to wean off sleeping in. We will start at 9am and conclude at 10am unless we have 7on7 after.

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