Game Night Attire

Wilson Families -

It may seem early to to discuss game night attire, but with ordering times we must get ahead. For home AND away games all players must follow the below uniform rules:

  1. 50% ore more white cleats

  2. white socks

  3. any shirt collars or sleeves showing must be white

  4. Mouth guards must remain attached to the facemask

  5. No sweat bands

If you still need some of these items the attached link to the BSN store has equipment that is all in keeping with our uniforms standards. Even better, BSN was able to apply the 45% off NIKE retail to these items. This is a rare discount. In order to have gear arrive in time for our first game the store closes Wednesday, so buy now.

Here's the link for ordering. The access code is: WilFB

-Wilson Football Staff

Wilson Trojans Football

Jenni Fowler

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