Eugene Trip Reminders

Grade 10-12 Wilson Football Families -

As we prepare for our trip to Eugene Friday & Saturday we wanted to send some reminders and packing list.

  1. Make sure your permission slip is turned in

  2. If your student-athlete is riding home with you - OR - another parent let us know.

  3. Packing list: ALL football gear, pillow, PJs, clothes for Saturday workout, clothes for the game - players will wear green jerseys - (something for when sun goes down), and money for dinner at Autzen.

We also, will be adding a new - hopefully tradition - for after games. The players will walk along the stands and thank our fans for attending in "handshake line" please join us down at bottom of the stands as soon we're done with the handshake line with our opponent. The toughest things about this for players can be hearing "good game" or corrections - if you cannot think of something else to say it's okay to say nothing.

See you Friday night!

-- Wilson Football Staff

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