This Week Varsity v Cleveland - Before & After

Wilson Football Families -

We have our first home game of the season this week! We have a tough and physical opponent in Cleveland and we wanted to provide some reminders about the night.

  1. kickoff is at 7

  2. the locker room opens at 5 (trainer may be available sooner, contact her for details). You and your student-athlete are responsible for making sure they eat healthy between 3:15 and 5....and have a place to go as coaches will be going through our own preparations.

  3. after the game we walk the line along the stands to say thanks for your support. Players will then head immediately to the locker room. You can congratulate or commiserate after they change and leave.

  4. after the game our leadership council is organizing a hangout spot, so the team can stay together and avoid the pull of social options that may put them at risk - attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

See you there and Go Trojans!

-- Wilson Football Staff

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