Coach KW's Report - 10/30/2018

Coach KW’s Report:

Great to finish the season off on a high note. Our team played hard and did what they were supposed to Friday night. I was most pleased by the sportsmanship and grace our players displayed as the score became unbalanced.

While we do not have any games left in 2018, our season is not done. Please see the below for reference to upcoming events and responsibilities:

  1. If your student-athlete has not turned in their gear we it need by Friday 3:30. Otherwise it will be reported as missing and fines up $500 could be levied.

  2. SNAP RAISE - please help your student-athlete send out 20 emails only 50% of our team has met that goal...this is important for making sure our team has quality uniforms and that funds for other items don’t have to be used.

  3. The Varsity Team Banquet will be from 6-8pm in the WHS cafeteria on Thursday November 8th. We would like to see everyone there.

  4. In order to support the Wilson Booster Club which continues to support football with major donations (like our End Zone Camera) we need players and families to help with the Christmas Tree Sale. We are responsible for: Saturday December 1st. Frosh/Soph players sign up for slots 12:45-4pm @

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