We March On!

Today's "Winning Together" excerpt highlights the roots of our WE MARCH ON motto and why is so much more than a catchphrase. It is attached below.

W e March On is a statement for everyone involved in our program. “We March On” succinctly captures our commitment to the relentless pursuit of championship habits and behaviors not just on the playing field, but in all aspects of life. When obstacles present themselves—as they inevitably will—saying "We March On", reminds us to focus on moving forward. To always turn obstacles into opportunities. WE Signifies our unity and our commitment to each other as members of this program—as a family—and to making our community proud. MARCH Signifies our commitment to discipline. This means making the hard choices that are necessary to achieve our goals. ON Signifies our commitment to execute with grit bringing relentless enthusiasm and effort to every day’s challenges and celebrations.

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