Spring Practice Starts Tomorrow 5/21!

Wilson Football Families-

Spring practice starts tomorrow and our staff is very excited to get to work with our players. Below you will see details about our schedule each day (Tuesday is a bit funky due to a PIL meeting Coach KW must attend). Please note the early pick-up time on Tuesday. Normal pick-up time is 7:30pm.

Special note for incoming freshman: Incoming freshmen will obviously not be here at the start of our schedule. As soon they can be brought to Wilson, after school, the better. They can join us in the middle of whatever we're doing.

A few important reminders:

* Make sure your athlete has a high protein "second lunch" for after lifting weights and during Study Hall. They should also bring a shirt, shorts, and cleats. *Feel free come watch practice * If your player is still playing a spring sport - let us know AND keep having that be their primary focus. *Players will get forms to begin collecting pledges for our Push-Up-A-Thon for our Spring Fundraiser.

I know 7:30PM is late - this schedule allows us to have Study Hall time where other adults are reinforcing the message from parents about the value of school AND making sure each player has done everything possible to improve second semester GPAs. We learned last season that asking our student-athletes to be productive in Study Hall after 3 consecutive hours of class time was unreasonable, that is why we're lifting before Study Hall. If your student-athlete already has a lifting class at Wilson we have modified workouts. Finally, we are including more time before we "hit" the field going over our values and teach Xs & Os in the classroom per requests from players. So, while we may be spending 90 minutes on the field the 4 hours we are spending with your player is being used to develop the whole person.

The mission of our program is to "build the habits and behaviors of success while teaching good citizenship in young men" - that means we must dedicate time beyond Xs & Os work on the field. Thanks for your support and trust with your player.

This week's schedule:

TUESDAY, May 21st 3:30 - KW’s room (#129) Shorts, shirt, cleats [don’t wear in the hallways] 4:00 - On Turf 5:30 - Weight Room --- KW headed to mandatory PIL meeting 6:15 - parent pick up

Wednesday, May 22nd 3:30 - Weight room [dressed for practice] 4:15 - Study Hall [mandatory] 5:00 - Pre-practice meetings 5:30 - On Turf 7:30 - parent pick-up

Thursday, May 23rd 3:30 - Weight room [dressed for practice] 4:15 - Study Hall [mandatory] 5:00 - Pre-practice meetings 5:30 - On Turf 7:30 - parent pick-up --- Mr. Hristic greeting

Thanks, Wilson Football Staff

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