Week of 8/25 Update

Thanks for joining us at the scrimmage and BBQ Saturday. It was great to see so many new faces along with our returning families. The coaches were happy with the effort and focus during the scrimmage. We were also very happy to host a contingent of PFOA officials who explained new rules to our players and told their stories about why they chose to officiate in order to stay connected with the sport they love.

Before the scrimmage, we had a productive week of practices with players learning our Becoming A Man Curriculum every morning along with on the field training and weight room workouts. Every evening we got to see new players make great strides in learning our plays while older players refined their skills and practice leadership.


  • Monday: Parent please meet in RM 129 at 5:30 for coach/parent meeting before the Fall Sports Kickoff in the gym at 6pm. Locker room open at 6pm, practice is from 7-9pm in “Shells.”

  • Tuesday: Locker room open at 6pm, practice is from 7-9pm in “Full Suit”

  • Wednesday: First Day Of School. Practice, weight lifting, and study hall from 3:30-7pm. “Full Suit”

  • Thursday: Practice, weight lifting, and study hall from 3:30-7pm. “Shells”

  • Friday: Jamboree at the Marshall campus, times and match up still unknown.

  • Monday: Please remember we have practice on Labor Day (we have a game that week). We’re going 7-9pm so people have time to return from their vacations.

Players of the Week:

  • Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

  • JayShaunn Avritt has shown tremendous leadership all week. He balanced holding his teammates accountable with positive reinforcement. JayShaunn also mentored younger players by helping them learn plays when he was not in. It was a treat for coaches to watch JayShaunn Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up for his team all week.

  • Discipline, Unity, Grit

  • Brenden Wood has consistently made “Championship Choices” all summer. He continued this week with his consistent and effort and coachability.

  • Prime Time Player

  • Jayden Brannan had the offensive highlight of the scrimmage with his 60-yard touchdown catch for the "Shield" team on Saturday.

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