Wednesday 10/16 Schedule

Wilson Football Families -

Tomorrow Wednesday 10/16 Wilson HS has an odd schedule. Freshman are doing community building (anti-bullying & allyship), Sophomores are taking the PSAT, Juniors are either taking the PSAT - taking an resume workshop for a CRLE credit - or taking a field trip to PCC, Seniors have college application (college essay) workshop and CRLE credit.

In any case your student will be dismissed from school at 1:15pm. Teachers have work to do, so, students will be out of the building until 3:00. Players need to be in Coach KW's room for a message from the principal who is talking with each Wilson sports team this week. Please have your player return to school at 3:15 to get ready for practice. Wednesday is our only day in full suit this week.

-- Coach KW

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