Coaches Report - week of 11/3

What a fun week for our coaches - we got to dive in as a staff and work with our younger players without anything to pull our focus away. It was rewarding to see these young men in training attack another week without a game and accept coaching.

We have one game left on Monday against Roosevelt. The JV game is at 4pm at Wilson.

Any players who have not returned all their gear - with pants & jerseys washed - by Monday night after the game will receive a fine notice for as much as $600. Please help us get this part of season completed pain free.

Our banquet will start at 6pm on Tuesday November 12th in the Foyer at Wilson HS. We will be done by 8pm.


Monday: ALL players in the locker room at 2:45 to change and get PBJ sandwiches. 4pm Kickoff against Roosevelt. Gear return afterwards.

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